Our Capacity
Our CNC Machining 5-axis and Turning Operation now has over 50 machines, both bar and chucker type with turning capacity from .062 (1.587 mm) to over 10 inches. The machine features vary with 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 axis capabilities. We are the largest cnc machining Paramount CA. 

We have a broad spectrum of auxiliary equipment to perform center-less and O.D. grinding,
honing, milling, de-burring, drilling, glass bead finishing, tapping, thread rolling, internal and surface
broaching, stamping, trimming, and marking.

We have over 100 automatic screw machines. The equipment includes 70 Davenport (Bar and Chuckers) 17 Acmes, and 16 Brown & Sharpe machines. Turning capacity ranges from 1/8 to 2 5/8 inch diameter.

Some of our unique services include:
Machining of difficult and exotic materials
Tolerance evaluations to save set-up and running costs
Proposing alternate or combined processing methods to improve quality, shorten run time or eliminate transfer handling and costs
Quick turnaround for crisis situations and just-in-time scheduling
Willingness to invest in special or dedicated equipment for long-term commitments
Cost prove-outs or pre-production runs

Golden State provides other services besides machining. Established sources and/or customer approved sources are employed to provide processing such as anodize, passivation, plating, non-destructive testing and heat treat when required by customers.

Our contingent of CNC equipment makes Golden State Engineering one of the
most versatile and complete CNC operations on the West Coast. Our Secondary Operation area is completely equipped to compliment our Primary machines and to finish any type part.

Machining & Support 
Automatic Screw Machines
54 - Davenport, 5 Spindle Machines to 7/8 Capacity 16 Davenport, Chuckers to 7/8 Chucking Capacity
14 - Acme-Gridley, 6 Spindle Machines to 2 5/8 Bar Feed
  3 - New Britain 6 Spindle Machines to 2 5/8 - Bar Feed
14 - Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle to 2 Bar Feed
Computerized Numerical Control Machines with Computer Assist Programming
6 - CNC Swiss Type Lathes Up To 1 1/4' Dia. Up To 8 Axis
3 - CNC Bar Lathes Up To ½ Dia. (12mm) Capacity With Sub Spindle
7 - CNC Bar Lathes Up To 1 13/16 (46mm) Capacity Up To 7 Axis
3 - Wire EDM and EDM Hole Drilling Machines
1 - CNC Bar/Chucker (multiplex) Double Spindle 6 Axis
5 - CNC Chucker Lathes 10 Turing Capacity Up To 3 Axis
4 - Horizontal Mills (Multi Pallet) Up To 4 Axis With Travel 24x24x28
8 - Vertical Mills Up To 5 Axis
6 - CNC 5C Chuckers Up To 3 Axis High Precision To. 0001

Miscellaneous Equipment and Machines
2 - Sunnen Honing Machines
1 - 8 Ton Dennison Press
1 - #2 Federal Automatic Trim Press
1 - 22 Ton Bliss Press
1 - 5 Ton Kenco Press
5 - #2 Cincinnati Centerless Grinder
1 - Tscudin Model 310 Precision Cylinder O.D. Grinder
1 - Mega Model BS-360 Cutoff Saw 14 Capacity
1 - Amada Model 400 Cutoff Saw 18 Capacity
3 - Waterbury Thread Rollers #0, #10, #20 Flat die.
1 - Reed Thread Rolling Machine
9 - Brothers ST-1 Tapping Machines
4 - Snow DR2 Tappers1; Pioneer Broach Model VT 315 Table
5 - Horizontal Arbor Milling Machines
4 - Bradmatic Speed Lathes

Quality Control Equipment
Mitutoyo BRM 507 Coordinate Measuring Machine
2 - Comparator Scherr Tumico
2 - Comparator Scherr Tumico
Universal Concentricity Gage
Gauge-Block Set Mitutoyo
Super Micrometer Mitutoyo
18" Height Gauge Mitutoyo
0-12 Micrometer Mitutoyo
Surface Plate Standridge
Digital Calipers
Thread Plug and Ring Gauge Series
Deltronic Gauges
Hardness Tester Rockwell
Profilometer Taylor Hobson
Plus Various Micrometers,
 Dial Indicators and Miscellaneous Gauges

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